Welcome to Lemis Okandan's Web Site

A few words about Lemis Elagöz Okandan.

She was born in Antakya (ancient Antioch),in 1944.

Her highscool education was at ACI (American Collegiate Institute), İzmir. She graduated from ACI in 1963 and went to Ankara in order to study languages. In 1967, she graduated from the University of Ankara with a BA in Italian Language and Literature.

More with her own words:

'Unfortunately, I never had any proper 'Art' education, but all my life, I tried to learn and try every kind of art work, like watercolor, pastel, oil painting, ceramics, collage, rock painting, macrame wall hangings. ect.; and since more than 20 years, I have been painting on porcellain.'

My husband's career took me to Australia in years 2001-2006. There, in Canberra, I atended glass fusion courses offered by the ANU (Australian National University). Later, I worked at the Studio of Roselyn de Bussey, and fell in love wifh the magic of glass. Among the different techniques in glass art, so far I do only 'fusion', and love to work with geometric shapes and difffernt colors.

Ankara Ankara Citadel March 2017
Ankara Çankaya Municipality Contemporary Arts Center January 2017
Ankara Galeri M Art Gallery May 2016
Ankara Ministry of Foreign Affairs May-September 2016
İzmir Kedi Culture Art Center March 2014
Ankara Ministry of Foreign Affairs June 2013
Ankara Anküsev April 2013
Ankara Ministry of Foreign Affairs June 2011
Ankara Çankaya Municipality Contemporary Arts Center June 2010
Ankara Elele Art Gallery September 2009
Ankara R.D. Art Gallery February 2009
Canberra Australia February 2005
Minsk Belarus 1997